spiderling noun

The young of a spider grows in an iterative cycle until its body can no longer sustain it. It then transforms and sheds its skin. The cycle repeats 5-10 times before maturity.


Spiderling Consulting was formed in the spring of 2020 with a vision of providing businesses with services to challenge business thinking and effectively plan and deliver transformation or change impacting their business.

Much like our young spider namesakes we believe in iterative change and transformation delivering tangible value at each stage, so benefits are realised progressively, rather than right at the end of a change initiative.

Focusing on the business outcomes you are seeking to achieve, we look to understand you and your customers, develop a winning strategy to deliver, ensure your customer experience meets your ambition and make sure those changes are sticky, delivering the lasting benefits you expect.

We specialise in using digital tools and methodologies to deliver rapid change, enhancing your customer journey, providing tangible value to your customers and ensuring your internal workflow is as effective and efficient as possible.

We also believe in giving back and pledge to donate 1% of our time and effort to helping local charities and others in the community who would not otherwise be able to access these kind of services.




Iain Jeffries


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I started Spiderling Consulting as i wanted to share the experience i have gained working across many global change initiatives, with a more local base of businesses and entrepreneurs in my new home of Bury St Edmunds (and the broader East Anglia region). Whilst pledging to give something back to my community providing a percentage of time pro-bono to help out charitable causes offering services they would often not be able to afford to access.

My family originated from these parts of the country many years ago, my granny even having her own sweet shop on Churchgate Street, so i am delighted to be able to play an active part in the community here and help businesses to transform reaching new levels of success.

My 20+ years in business have been spent working in transformation and change roles in diverse and rewarding sectors, starting off at Hasbro where i engineered toys and games before ended up managing the process globally by which they developed their toys and games.

I followed this up with a stint working at Cancer Research UK the biggest charity in the country, helping drive their digital transformation agenda and the major change associated with that culture shift. Successfully delivering value to multiple sectors including retail, fundraising, strategy and most rewardingly their core scientific research efforts.

More recently i have been working with the Copyright Licensing Agency who collect and distribute monies to content creators in the publishing sector ensuring their Digital Transformation Program is successful and helping them adapt to the post Covid-19 world with all its unique challenges.


Margrid Jeffries

Senior Consultant

I joined Spiderling Consulting with the desire to be part of something unique, leaving the large
organisations where i’ve worked in the last 20 years and instead, supporting smaller businesses
with my knowledge and expertise.

I have a varied experience gained from large public and private healthcare organisations across
Europe, working my way up from Staff Nurse in Estonia to Director of Clinical Services in the UK.
It’s no surprise, that the biggest challenge has been managing change through COVID-19 pandemic.
As the healthcare sector got hit first, i was accountable for making the organisation COVID secure
whilst meeting the needs of our patients.


I am hard working and like to bring positive energy to everything i’m involved in, along with the skill
to challenge and have difficult conversations when needed, but at the end of the day leaving with a
smile, as i find working with people incredibly rewarding.

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