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A Cutting Edge Experience..?

As everyone else, I was looking forward to have my hair done. It’s been 4 months since i’ve visited the hair salon and my hair was, let me put it this way, desperate for some attention.

Last few months, with no doubt, have been extremely difficult for local businesses. From having no activity at all to then with short notice open up and welcome customers back safely, which is not an easy task.

I found booking an appointment straightforward, all i had to do was to visit the salon’s website, choose the service, date and time.

On the day, i arrived on time and was wearing a face mask. As i entered the salon and approached the reception desk, i noticed the salon was busy and bustling, the music relatively loud alongside the sounds of several blow-dryers and staff having conversations with their customers. The receptionist struggled to hear my name and whether i had booked.

After being checked in, i was shown the way to my seat and was told that my hair-dresser was with another customer but would be with me shortly. I had no problem with that and it gave me some time to look around.

Spending the last 20 years of my life supervising staff in clinical settings, I have perhaps a unique perspective in relation to post-COVID 19 challenges. I noticed all salon staff were wearing visors however not aprons and hands were not sanitised when moving from one customer to another.

There were six other clients there at the time and only one of them was wearing a face mask. An elderly lady caught my eye and i felt for her. I do not know whether she was advised or encouraged to wear a face covering but i do hope so.

Overall, my three takeaways were:

  1. In an enclosed environment with a lots of noise and hair-dryers re-circulating the air, there’s an increased risk of virus droplets spreading, therefore wearing face covering should be essential.

  2. In a busy salon with more than one customer per stylist, there’s an increased risk for cross-contamination, there should be greater attention to detail with regards hand washing/hand sanitising between clients.

  3. Could the salon potentially provide designated, quieter time slots for groups more at risk.

For me, it was a pleasant experience and my hair looks great. We are all learning as we go and businesses need to continually review their service and the way they provide it to ensure their clients and staff are safe, whilst providing the best experience possible.

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