• Iain Jeffries

What will your customer value?

Customers in the new normal will not behave in the same way and will expect a different experience from their favoured businesses. Learning from other markets such as China, Germany and South Korea it appears coming out of lockdown the charge back to retail and leisure experiences will likely be led by the younger consumers.

In general customers do not expect things to be the same as pre-pandemic but they are still yearning for familiar experiences, however this is not at the expense of a hygienic environment and the ability to socially distance. Research by Kantar shows it is likely to take varying lengths of time for consumers to get accustomed to being in more social environments again depending on how risky they perceive them to be (ranging from 1 - 6 months).

If the younger generations start to engage early in the experiences they have missed out on during lockdown this will help normalise those activities in minds of others, as time passes and the perceived risk becomes more accepted.

Now is the time to consider the experience you offer your customers, and what things they will value, to help you design a winning combination of customer journey and operational delivery, so when customers are ready to return you are able to offer them the least compromised experience whilst meeting their new needs of safety and security.

Its also worth considering who you target when thinking about your exit strategy for lockdown marketing, as your traditional audience may not be the first consumer group returning to the market.

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