Change management

Completing the delivery of functional, technical or physical aspects of any initiative is great, however this provides no guarantee of its success.

Your staff will need to be supported in adopting this new tool or technology feature or change in environment.

Do they understand why you are making these changes, can they be involved in implementing them, are they concerned about the impact on them, do they understand how to use any new system or tools.

Managing the change effectively can significantly improve your chances of success, thereby reducing friction and improving the chances of realising the value you intended. 

Employee getting support related to change program

Change management planning

Preparing your organisation for any change requires some upfront planning. There are various methodologies that can be used to help guide you through the process (Kotter, ADKAR etc), essentially these all amount to following some critical steps.

Primarily this amounts to sharing the vision of why a change has been instigated, communicating clearly and openly, involving staff in shaping the change (where possible) and supporting them through the change (e.g. upskilling, mentoring, transition planning), providing feedback channels and actively listening to challenges.

Thought should also be give to how to mitigate foreseeable challenges be they blockers in the form of issues or people.

In preparing for the challenges ahead and planning how you will deal with them you can remove some of the friction associated with change, more quickly ending up in the new normal.

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