PageMajik is a SaaS Solution designed specifically for the publishing industry.

At its heart is a Digital Asset Management system (DAM), a repository for storing, cataloguing and enhancing discoverability of all your assets using AI and custom taxonomies.

Built around the DAM is an integrated suite
of products that significantly enhances the productivity and experience of your publishing team.

The product suite includes a guided authoring environment (WordSword), a structuring and tagging module that uses AI (StyleFinder), an automated typesetting module (EasyType),
and a near real-time proofing module (WYCIWYG).

Connecting all these modules is an intelligent workflow management tool (with robust version control) which enables effortless collaboration between your publishing team and freelancers as your work moves from manuscript through to production.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) System

The DAM system allows your publishing team and freelancers to create, edit, organise, and publish content (including documents, videos, and graphic assets) - in a native cloud system.

Acting as a single place to store content it also provides automated processes for content collaboration and management, using built-in workflows

The DAM system interprets incoming content and organises it into a pre-defined hierarchy. For example, it can identify content as manuscripts, images, or design templates, and organises these accordingly.

The most recent version of any piece of content is always the one most accessible. However, a record of every file and changes to it is maintained in the log.

As each piece of content is stored only once, it makes it easy to locate and reuse content in multiple documents.

Permissions management
Robust version control
Disaster recovery

Editorial Tools

PageMajik's editorial tools focus on manuscript development and preparation for production.

This includes tracking submissions from the author, providing better author experience, managing manuscript review and revisions, peer review, and castoff, art management including rights and permissions, and finally transmittal to production.

WordSword the guided authoring tool allows for author and editorial collaboration in a single online environment which can help enforce early adherence to your style guide and conventions.

StyleFinder enables any manuscript submitted to be comprehensively structured instantaneously by the AI engine, having all elements (headings, paragraphs, images etc) tagged and structured based on an extensive set of rules.

It also flags inconsistencies in style, spelling and grammar, leaving the copyeditor time to focus on the content.

For scholarly work references can be checked against major databases such as Crossref and PubMed and can be output to reference formats such as MLA or APA.

Castoff provides a precise estimation of the extent of a book based on the page size, word/character count, typefaces (and their size), illustrations and tables. This updates in realtime every time there is a revision to the manuscript. These can be circulated to authors for revisions as necessary and to production for planning and costing purposes.

The editorial tools support both first and revised editions, and solicited and unsolicited submissions.

Submission Management
Guided Authoring
Peer Review

Production Tools

PageMajik's production toolset helps automate and simplify the production process.

The typesetting module EasyType can create near perfect InDesign pages from Word manuscripts without any human intervention. The speed with which it can create a design layout for a standard 200 page manuscript is mind blowing!

It automates repetitive tasks, allowing designers to focus on creative decisions. For instance where a single standard page template cannot be used, the system can place required elements, such as images proximal to its related content, autonomously determining orientation and column span.

The proofing WYCIWYG (What You Change Is What You Get) module is a next-gen proofreading system that lets users review and edit PDF proofs in near realtime. This removes the need for the exchange of multiple files between proofreaders, editors and typesetters which is both time intensive and error prone.

The module provides a two pane view, one with the PDF proof, the other a linked and fully editable XHTML file. As you make amendments to the editable file these are instantly visible on the proof. 

Automated typesetting
Dynamic proofing

Workflow Automation

Any processes in the publishing workflow that you wish to automate can be broken down into tasks which can be arranged sequentially or concurrently (with branching), into a workflow for automation.

You can assign a task to a role and all those who have the role and access to the project can access to the task. Alternatively, tasks can be assigned to an individual user.

You will never need to chase an incomplete task again with push notification of upcoming tasks and email reminders of due dates.

Workflow events can trigger conditionally if a given condition is true, based on a set time delay or pre-defined date or due to an error condition.

Status indicators highlight the current state in a different colours. A history of events within the workflow is automatically preserved as an audit trail.

Templated workflows
Status indicators

Productivity Tools

The platform has embedded productivity and project management tools that increase efficiency.

Scheduling templates - define the days allowed or estimated for each task, the interdependency between tasks, and the completion date for each task. Fill in the start date and your schedule will auto-populate in a few seconds. Dates for milestones can be manually changed, and the system will then recalculate the dates for the remaining stages.

To-Do Lists - Create, manage and re-assign tasks. Filter by due date, project, category or task type.

E-Mail Templates - EMail templates come with merge fields that enable you to define and use the template without having to copy, paste, and change the details. It also provides you a way of building your brand right into the template itself – your colours, logo, and design aesthetics live within the template.

Calendar - As the project gets created and scheduled, the calendar registers these events and populates a typical calendar view where you can see the day-, week-, month-, and year-wise schedule. Apart from project-based schedules, you can also define your own events such as team meetings, review meetings, and handoff meetings, and share your calendar with your team.



PageMajik offers various means of communication such as emails, alerts, and prompts on various events, discussion boards, and the ability to subscribe to specific actions or events for a specific project.

Discussion Boards - Multiple discussion channels can be created for a project, and access to these channels can be restricted by the user’s role. The discussions are searchable, and allow replies, voting, file attachments, and subscriptions.

Subscriptions - Subscribe to notifications about specific actions at project level, chapter level, and/or folder level. Your subscription can be specific to a user or a user role, or both.

Emails - Email notification can be configured for workflow events and subscriptions.

Push Notifications - For process-intensive tasks, PageMajik allows you to initiate the task and continue with your work. You will receive a notification once the task is completed.

Discussion boards

Dashboards & Trackers

Move beyond Excel and static reporting tools to powerful interactive dashboards and trackers. An interactive dashboard tracks, analyses, monitors, and visually displays work-related metrics while allowing users to interact with data, enabling them to make well-informed and data-driven decisions.

Drill Throughs - These shows additional, more specific, and detailed information about a particular element or variable, without overcrowding the dashboard. E.g. a heading count shows the number of headings in the document. A drill-through shows details of the heading levels and the count of each level.

Drill Downs - Enable you to go into a sub-level to look at more details giving you the ability to "nest" an additional variable, and by simply clicking on it,  change the view according to your parameters.


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