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Many of our clients operate in the publishing sector or connected industries. The publishing industry has been at the forefront of technology driven transformation since the invention of the printing press.


Today digital has dramatically transformed the customer journey from awareness through to consumption, to the dismay of many organisations. However, there are opportunities if you have the courage to redefine your relationship with technology.


We can help you get closer to your customers understanding their needs and motivations, identifying joyous moments they experience and what pain points they feel, whilst navigating their new multi-channel customer journey. 


Customer focused technology such as CRM can help you to use this new insight to focus and target your sales, marketing and customer service operations more effectively and provide automation to be more efficient.


Your internal editorial to production workflows are also a prime candidate for technology enablement, taking advantage of the latest specialist tools can make the end to end process far more efficient, as well providing time and cost savings.


These changes will require a cultural shift, in addition to adopting new ways of working but will enable you to be more agile in your operations.


We can be your trusted guide on this mission helping you build your digital competency. Together shaping a roadmap for your journey towards a business fit for the digital age.

Publishers Association

The Publishers Association are the member organisation for UK publishing, representing all sizes and specialisms. They work to ensure the value of publishing and the contribution it makes is understood.

We are proud to be an Associate Member of the Publishers Association, recognising our commitment to the sector.

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